Legalistic Politics

It can be a very confusing time for a christian who has always stood behind their party simply because that is all they have ever known to do. It has been almost frightening for me to make up my mind in this season's election. I have always voted republican simply because that is what I always did and it was the christian thing to do (at least in the south it is :)). Along with deconstructing my faith over the last few years, I also question why I do things in other areas of my life. I dont ever want to be that person who just votes republican simply because it is what I have always been taught to do. That is political legalism. God has changed me in many ways over the last few years. Despite the many rash judgments will be made, the truth is, God is transforming me. I am a different person now from then, and I hope to be a different person in 5, 10, 15 years than I am now. I have different views on political issues such as war, poverty,how to approach the issue of abortion, etc...all of which are a result of this passionate, spiritual journey I have been on. Its not me trying to be trendy with my political position. I have prayed about it and done my research.
I recently came across this website of Jesus Followers who have made it their mission to bring political legalists' to light. They have set my record straight on several issues. I would encourage anyone who reads this to read it in full, click on the links and check out the ads.
I have never spoken out on politics, but hope this takes some raised eyebrows back to their normal position. It did mine.



hcfischer1 said...

You mean you can be a christian and not a republican? (LOL :) I can't WAIT to vote for Obama on Tuesday...I've never been so excited!!!

Sarah Elinor said...

haha! Girl, you have always been my favorite democrat!