Our good friend Mike Garrafallo wrote this in heart of all his friends that have recently become pregnant or had babies. He swung by our house the other day and felt that God wanted us to have it. It is absolutely precious and endearing. So here it is...

resting in your mother deep,
give way to slumber, counting sheep,
if you shall wake before the sun,
then lay real still don't wake your mom

tiny feet begin to grow,
your face and hands will soon follow,
knit by knit the weaver works,
to make and even out the quirks

mommy knows we'll see you soon,
rise from the earth like flowers bloom.
tears will fall and hearts will quake,
every day that you awake.

we'll build a bed, a resting place,
unlike the womb, there's tons of space.
we'll build it strong so you will know,
your safe from those who lurk below.

day by day, we'll watch and show
all the things you want to know.
just be prepared, don't try to run, 
too far at first- it wont be fun.

don't be afraid if you shall stray,
we'll love every step that you shall make.
if you feel you're all alone,
remember that your hearts' a home.

some day you'll invite a spouse inside,
and build a bed like we supplied
and when your babe begins to cry,
remember this- our lullaby.

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