Frances England:: listenable children's music to my ears

I recently discovered a true musical gem- Frances England. Her music captures the nostalgia of a playful childhood while actually being listenable to the adult ear. 
She has such a whimsical approach to childrens folk music, it makes me smile and long to go sway in a hammock with my baby boy on a breezy summer day. 


rachel.lyn said...

ohhh i need to get this! LOVE IT!
olivia really likes this cd called
"Catch the Moon" it's by Elizabeth Mitchell
and Lisa Loab...you should check that one

Sarah Elinor said...

I will definitely check it out! Thanks for the tip- Im always trying to find good music for the babe and I love both these artists!

elizabeth ann said...

i have a hammock in my backyard, you can come sway in it with little P whenever you want!