New Life in Cast Iron

As I was going through my kitchen the other day searching for items to put in my yard sale, I came across this old cast iron pot my grandmother had given to me about 5 years ago. I have never used it once and frankly, I have never really known how to use it. I was thinking I could get $5 for it, but just for kicks decided to look up the branding name on the bottom (Lodge). In my research I came across several websites not only claiming the suggested value of my pot being $80-100 (!!) but also teaching the value of a good cast iron pot.

My pot had spots of rust all over it, but with a simple solution of sea salt and cooking oil was able to buff them right out. I cleaned it up, seasoned that bad boy and now it sits proudly on top of my stove to add some rustic ambience to my kitchen! I now use it for everything: stews, sauces, stir fry, skillet meals and more. It is FABULOUS!

Some benefits of a cast iron pan are that foods glide out of it as from no pan made with Teflon; it goes from stove to oven; no special utensils are needed to cook in it; it won't warp, and cleanup is a cinch. A well-seasoned cast iron pan will only get better with age, and will last you for a lifetime.

So if you have an old cast iron pot stowed away somewhere, I would encourage you to bring it back to life and give it a place in your family for years to come- to one day pass down to your children's children.


Anonymous said...

That's an awesome story! My Mom loves her cast Iron pots :) I love your writing! Glad I clicked on your blog :)


Sarah Elinor said...

Thank you Kim! I would encourage you to encourage your mom to share the love !! haha! <3

elizabeth ann said...

this is one of those things i'm lacking in my kitchen! they are especially good for cornbread. :)

Cyndi said...

No so much about pots and pans...but about you's and me.
All that seasoning and firing brings out the best in the ones we touch and like you said 'it has a place in your family and you can pass the goodness to your children'.

Thank you Lord for the beautiful and timely reminder of your process with me.