mama's boy

Little P
I am so blessed beyond measure with your little 13 month old life.
I love how you make us laugh just by flashing us your little grin- and you know it, so you do it constantly.
I love how when you play peek a boo, you pull the entire towel behind your head instead of stopping in front of your face because you cant handle not being able to look at us for that moment.
I love how you recently discovered your shadow and when you catch it, you will just quietly lift your arm up and down, up and down- it is as though you are in utter awe of it.
I love how you love to put daddy's hats on and then quickly pull them off so that you can put them on our head instead- yet you WILL NOT wear a hat your own size when I try to dress you up.
I love how you cant wait for the "monkey in the box" to get around to popping open, so you push the little notch to pop him up as soon as he gets stuffed back down into his box.
I love how you toddle from side to side as you walk as fast as you can across a room.
I love how when taking your bath, you splash as hard as you can with that huge grin that is so big that it scrunches up your whole face.
I love how when you see my tickle fingers, you come running to me, belly-laughing before I even get the chance to tickle you!
I love how you just start clapping anytime we ask you to.
I love how when you see a tissue or napkin, you rub it on your face so as to imitate mommy blowing her nose.
I love it how when you are heading in a direction your not supposed to and when you notice me coming for you, you start walking or crawling away as fast as you can and then squeal with laughter when I grab you up into my arms.
I love how you are so skinny that you still fit into 6 month pants, but they are all high waters on you.
I love how you always babble "dada', but when you fall down or are sad, you cry for mama.
I love your fuzzy little bed head of white and strawberry blonde hair when you first wake up in the morning. And I am sad when you go to sleep, because even though I have a ton of catching up to do, I miss you!
You are breathtaking. You awe me. You give me so much more joy than was ever conceivable. I love to just watch you play and be you! At times I think, "please don't grow up!", but I promise to embrace each stage to the fullest that I know how- never to wish for one to pass quickly and never to long for the next or a past stage. I will love you for YOU no matter what life brings your way.

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jen smith said...

goosebumps. TEARS. this is the perfect expression of your love for that muchkin. and it is absolutely beautiful.
love you, sweet friend!