I've really been trying to reevaluate my blog. I have been totally too busy to do it, which is a problem in the blogging world. Because if you want to have followers, you kind of have to post. I am always thinking about blogging, however, I really have just way too many interests! It's like I can't focus!

Interior Design. I went to school for it and I do something in the way of design to my house literally every day. I used to work in the interior design world and let me tell you- slaving endless hours over a design for picky, cheap, rich women only to have them pick it apart and reject it is totally not my forte. I wish I was one of those designers that could yell at their clients and tell them, "you WILL like my design!" But that simply is not me.

I have been renovating a dilapidated shack of a house that I now call "home" for the last year, but I am way too detail oriented to actually post pics of where it is now- it just isnt quite there yet. It will happen soon though!

Crafting. I- like so many I know and love- love to craft. I get very easily inspired by other blogs and quaint little shops. I could simply dream about crafts all day every day.

Makeup Artistry. I am a makeup artist. I worked for Chanel a while back and went to their makeup artistry school. I actually do makeup for weddings on the side for a little extra income every now and then. To me makeup is so much fun and I just love giving a woman an extra boost of confidence and gaining a new friend in the process.

Jesus. He changed my life to the extent that I want nothing more than to share him with the world. My heart is ministry and just ministering to other women mainly. I could sit in coffee shops all week long chatting it up with the dear women in my life- and I actually used to do just that before I had kiddos. I miss it so much. Now I can occasionally escape, while Preson is napping, to a local cafe for lunch with friends or those in need of some lovin' and encouragement. I am a blessed woman that my husband can work from home to enable me to do that.

Cooking. I love to cook. I am presently not enjoying these many extra pounds I have added from my last pregnancy. I am in the process of purging our entire house of all things bad and replacing my fridge with only whole foods. As I cook these new vegetarian recipes, I am so tempted to take photographs of the process. All the wholesome whole grains and vegetables- paired with a beat up rustic cutting board and a nice sharp knife- there is something that is just so beautiful about cooking healthy! This is a cookbook a friend recently lent me that I am so excited about!

Preson n Penelope. My children have become my everything- I eat, drink, breathe my children. Not really, but you get the point- they are my life. I think about things to write about them all day- I dont ever want to forget a single thing as they grow up.
I feel like a blog is a journal, yet it is a diary to share with friends, family and cyber-friends (I have a lot of those)

I have thought a lot about it and dont really know which way to go with my blog. Do I do a little bit of everything? Throw out my design how to's, makeup artist tips or attempts at crafts? Cooking new recipes, my adventures in being a mom or life lessons learned in ministry? You see what I mean- I have way too many interests. So tomorrow I suppose I will write about whatever strikes my fancy. In the meantime, I think I am feeling a bit crafty tonight...


Esther said...

You simply fascinate me in all aspects of your life, Sarah. So I think you should just write whatever strikes your fancy.

One day if you're really passionate about food and excited about a recipe you just created then post about that. Perhaps the next day you want to give make-up or craft tips, I would love that too.

I think most of all, we (the reader) want you to be unapologetically yourself since that is what we love the most.

rachel.lyn said...

i 100% agree with Esther!!! keep this thing up...i always love reading what you have to say.
you inspire and encourage me in so many ways!

we need to have a lunch date sometime and catch up...i very often think about you and how you are doing with your two little ones! our kids are practically the same age so i know we are both going through the same things. lets chat soon!

love you <3

cathistegall said...

love this post of loves, passions, and future posts...girlfriend, in my opinion, blogging can be whatever you make it!
I've met people from literally all over the world, have been to weddings of blog friends, and honestly made this transcontinental move due to the relationships we formed w/ the blogging community...our best friends/family out here are the very people we had never even known 3yrs ago!

enjoy, sweet thing...and i'll be checking in often!