My Little Prince

I have a 2-year old. It is completely mind blowing how fast time flies when you look at it from certain perspective. And how in other ways I can't believe there was ever life before Preson. It really makes me question why we waited so long to have children. He is our best buddy and a total blast!

While there have been ups- some of my favorites have been teaching him his letters and numbers, watching him do his first somersault (in his words, "SUPERsault"), hearing him whisper "I yuh yoo" for the first time, going to see "Missy Mouse" at Disney World, getting his first haircut, bouncing Penelope air born in her bouncer, feeding her her bottle and giving her eskimos...
And then there have been some heartbreakers too- hearing him cry watching someone get hurt on America's Funniest Home Video's, watching him do that somersault off the sofa onto his little noggin :(, his struggle with learning to eat...

The list goes on for both of these categories. We are at a crossroads with so many areas with Preson. He is finally starting to eat. He still eats like a bird and is in the 3rd % for his weight, but by golly the child is eating and that is "WINNING!" in my book :)

We finally made the switch to Preson's big boy room. He loves tromping up and down those stairs (scares me to death!) and counting each one as we go.

We aren't rushing to get him switched over to his toddler bed quite yet, so I have peace of mind that he wont go wandering up and down in the middle of the night. Now both he and Penelope are upstairs in their rooms. (stay posted on that!)

The other night the "paci-fairy" came. Preson is not one to always have a pacifier in his mouth, but somewhere along the way, we incorporated it into his night-time routine and he has just always soothed himself to sleep with it. So I prepared him every night for about a week before his 2nd birthday. I explained to him that now that he was turning 2, he was a big boy and the paci fairy would be coming to take his paci's to heaven for all the new babies to use. We had a couple of nights where he cried for it a little bit, but he quickly got the hang of it and is doing much better. Let's just hope we don't have any relapses along the way.

And finally, last Sunday, was Preson's second birthday party. With his first birthday, we were in the process of moving and let me just tell you, the kid got the shaft on the big ONE. So, I was thinking through all the hundreds of Preson fetishes and finally narrowed it down to his most long lived love- fire engines. I am obsessed with all things handmade and insisted on killing myself with DIY-ing everything. The day before, my friend Jess called me telling me that I was not going to be making the red velvet cupcakes I had just purchased all the ingredients for. But rather that I had 30 of them waiting for pickup at Tampa's finest bakery- Wrights.

Besides being a bit overstimulated (both of us :), It was an awesome day. All his little toddler buddies and about 20 of our closest friends and family made it out. I am pretty sure my children draw a bigger crowd than their parents do! The party was a blast to put together, but the best part was when the big red fire truck pulled to our yard. Our good friend "Dustin the fireman" pulled some strings and was able to surprise the party! The day was filled with some wonderful memories.

Preson Peek, I YUH YOU!! You are my sunshine and I am so very blessed to have you as my little boy. I treasure you each and every day.

Love, Mommy


Emi Emery said...

>And how in other ways I can't believe there was ever life before Preson.

Wow, I can't even imagine how MY life will be changed through Kenji in a couple of weeks!

You are such a great mother!!

Elizabeth said...

It was such a great party, Sarah, I'm so glad we were able to come out and celebrate with you all! I can't believe he is two already...! You are such a sweet mother, Preson is lucky to have you. :)

Sarah Elinor said...

Thank you both for your comments! Emi, yes Kenji is going to totally change your life, but in the most wonderful way. Every Priority in your daily routine changes to place your little boy first.
Elizabeth, you inspire me constantly with both being a great mommy and also with your love of crafting beautiful things. Love you guys!

Steffie said...

sigh. that's sounds like an awful lot of fun. wish we could have been there. and a very sweet article. thanks for sharing. love it.