singin' in the distance

Our porch is moving right along. And let me tell ya- we are getting SO excited as we watch the progress move along each day.
So here is where we are since my last blog post...

The first day, the contractor pulled out the windows and carved out the openings back to where the original archways once were. Already that was such a major difference! They also pulled up the floor that was laid down over the original wood floor. There are definitely some patches of dry rot, but they are manageable and we will be replacing those boards to preserve it.

The next days were slow moving visually, but we saw progress with continuing the demo. They opened the center external doorway and just mainly put their focus on making sure there were plenty of supports so the house didn't collapse.

The last few days have been spent pulling down the drywall to reveal novelty heart of pine siding from 1926. There are a couple of spots that need to be patched with imitation novelty tongue and groove planks since the heart of pine is now extinct. I love how at this point the porch is making our little fixer upper come back to life.

We cant wait to be able to kick back a cold one on some of these upcoming hot summer nights, or sit and read a book while a rainstorm passes through, or have some house church porch parties...ahhh, a girl can day dream right?
Over the next few days, our contractor is going to be building 4 tapered columns for each support across the front, and will be adding windows back into the wall where they once were.
More updates to come!
Now Im off to juggle babies while flipping through old discontinued issues of Cottage Living to seek inspiration on color schemes. (any ideas?)


jen smith said...

finally!! SO PRETTY!
it really does change the whole facade of the house! i love it. :)

********COSKI NATION******** said...

AMAZING! AMAZING SARAH!!! This is what I love about Demolition Day! The bare bones of the finished product are hinted at and the excitement of the beauty to come grows by seeing a taste of it!

TOTALLY transforms the house and brings it back to it's period. There are so many family memories that you will have out there.... evening tea,,, guitar,,, skint knees!

I don't know... maybe an earthy beige to go with the red brick and pop of the green trees? then you can have color in your decor that can easily change?

typical me.... sometimes I'm just too plain with color.

Can't wait to see what you choose!