“What is not started today is never finished tomorrow.”- Wolfgang von Goethe

Some of the primary reasons you buy a home in a historic district, are
1) the gorgeous architecture of the historic bungalow.
2) the hardwood floors.
3) the charming curb appeal that comes with matured oak trees and white picket fences and
4) the front porch.

Well we had none of the above at the time that we purchased our home in the historic district of Seminole Heights. My dad always said to buy the worst house in the best neighborhood. Im not saying we live in the best part of Tampa by any means but with the exception of our hip-hop DJ neighbor to the right of us- which who by the way, we actually really like despite our vibrating living room from 6-8 every night and all day on weekend afternoons- every home surrounding us is quite charming and well kept. We are the eye sore of the neighborhood.

For some reason, the previous owner (who was a slum lord) thought it would be a great idea to remove the pillars of the front porch, add a bunch of crappy aluminum single pane windows, remove the front windows on the existing exterior wall, add drywall and close in that beautiful front porch to gain some extra square footage. The whole neighborhood groaned in unison as they watched it happen at some point in the 80's (so I've been told). Did I mention they painted it neon marigold?

Despite the condition of the house when we first bought it, we feel extremely blessed to have found a home that we have been able to gradually restore back to it's historic charm over time. We have been focused on renovating the interior for the last year and a half and are finally (thanks to our tax return!) able to start moving toward refining the exterior a bit.

So I say all that to say this : Today marks a very special day that we have been anticipating for the last year and a half. Today marks the day we begin our front porch renovation.

I will be documenting the progress of this renovation every couple of days, so stay tuned!


rachel.lyn said...

sarah!!! i am still waiting to see pictures of the inside....or how about i just show up and take a tour?!
love your house.

Sarah Elinor said...

I know- I think I just keep putting it off due to it not being 100% quite yet. It is almost there, but I am now going through a "I want to switch out all my furniture" phase. uugh- why do I do this to myself?? :) In the meantime, I would LOVE it if you ever want to swing by.