Summer Homebody

Although I have lived in the south my whole life, I am completely convinced I have a northern soul- or at least anything north of florida. I long for fall all summer and love a good dose of each of the seasons. I really don't mind 95 degree weather two or three months a year- but six or seven months?? It is just too much for me. I get my dose of the outdoors in the morning and evening- where we take family walks to the pond, spend evenings in the park and mini zoo days thanks to having passes and living only a mile away.

My favorite thing in the summer is when there is a rainy day that invites me to sit out on the porch ( which thankfully there have been many this summer.). I love how the summer rains come assisted with a breeze that funnels through our new front porch, so that when sitting out there, I can feel perfectly comfortable with a hot cup of coffee or tea. The best part after the rains is when Preson runs and gets his rain boots (and dont forget his cars, too!) for a good puddle splashing. He really is all boy!

Even though I have lived in the sunshine state most of my life, I don't even enjoy the sunshine (or at least the heat of it), but rather LOVE a good gloomy rainy day- WHAT. is. wrong. with. me!? Any tips out there for a summer homebody? I get my beach-fix a couple of times before summer really kicks in, then I am pretty much over it. Growing up here, I was a sun worshipper- I loved being at the beach- getting tan (after getting fried), surfing to the the sunrise (thanks to growing up close to St Aug Beach) and taking long walks in between naps and magazines. This time in life is as far opposite from that season of life as I can think of, but one day I will return to those days with my children as they grow older.

The funny thing is that I am one of the biggest nature lovers you will meet. Living in Florida, I just prefer to do the outdoor thing in our shorter "kinda-seasons" of Autumn, Winter and Spring. Which is why I am ELATED that it is September! I know, I know, I know- It is still in the 90's. But this is the month that marks the beginning of the end of this dreadful long summer.

I am cautiously entering this tempting time of year on much better terms with my health. I am determined to keep it that way, too. I am slowly merging from pescatarian into a more plant based diet ("Forks over Knives", anyone??). I am not doing it to lose weight, but rather to just be healthy with the hopes that I will shed this weight in the process. It is my goal to continue eating healthfully and pass on the heavy casseroles and Starbucks drinks that I love so much. I will still bake since I love baking so much- but the goods will be going to friends and neighbors (ok so maybe Ill eat ONE muffin or cookie along the way). I think it is about living healthfully 99% of the time with treating yourself every now and then. I am not there yet, but I hope to get through these holidays with the idea of "eating to live, not living to eat".

So here is to FALL! I cant wait to finally ENJOY being outdoors, coming up with healthy alternative to cozy dishes with the very occasional indulgence...and here is to tackling the Fall Bucket list with my toddler that I spotted on Pinterest last week :)...