wishes of treasures, I impart to thee

Penelope, you are approaching your first birthday and my mind is completely blown with how quickly it has gone. I have truly basked in your joyful spirit throughout this year. You are a light in my life when times are dim. Your naivety and is a wonderful thing. When our house is spinning, you have a peacefulness in the midst of the crazy.

You are into everything and, these days, under everything as well. Without fail if the dishwasher is open, you are all over it! Keepin me on my toes, girl! You are standing for short periods of time, but no steps yet! You have 4 official teeth, with 2 little buds peeping through on either side of your top two middles. The other day I was taken back by how tall you are. I just love watching you grow.

Preson, slow down!! You are growing up so fast these days as well. You are officially POTTYTRAINED!!! You are in your big boy bed! You have started to become more independent with playing with your toys- not as much need for Mommy these days :( You are just a hair shy of being quite literally attached to your tricycle. I have come to look forward to going up to your room in the morning to find you reading about 10 different books to all of your stuffed animals in your bed. It gives me the happiest start to my days.

We are finding you are a pretty repetitious fellow. You ride your tricycle around the house about a hundred times in a row. You insist on watching "Thomas and the Runaway Kite" every day. You eat the same thing every day. You are going through a little stuttering phase, but we are all working very hard to slow that brain down enough for your words to catch up. You are improving each week. You know your ABC's, your numbers and you can even can quote many of your storybooks. You really are about the smartest kid I've ever seen.

Being a child certainly has it's advantages. I think back to when I was a child and, while right now my children are both younger than I can remember being, I relish in memories of running freely in the country where I grew up in Woodstock, Georgia. Planting grass in the ground to grow flowers and rubbing dirt on my skin to make my pale arms and face "tan". Wading in the brook and pretending to be Thumbelina in the forest. Walking up the road to the stables to feed the horses. Ahhh, to be a kid again. Not a care in the world except for which dolls to invite to my tea party. I cherish these childhood memories and I pray my children have even sweeter adventures than I had. It is amazing to me how when thinking back on my childhood I am immediately hugged with peace, protection and innocence. Though my children will be brought up in as opposite a landscape as I can picture and as distant a society as I can fathom from when I was a child, I hope and pray my children are given their own little treasure boxes overflowing with wonderful, beautiful and innocent childhood memories as well.
Preson and Penelope, my heart overflows when I am reminded of the blessing I have been given in you. I thank God every day for the honor and priviledge of being chosen as your Mommy. Here's to your childhood and creating many of your own special memories.

Pardon my reused instagram photo's. I seem to have misplaced my camera!


Sarah Rhodes said...

Aw. so sweet. I love your musings on parenting and life! Also.. who is that song that's playing? It's so peaceful, I love it. :) Love and miss you dear lady!

Sarah Elinor said...

Hey there cutie! Thanks for stopping by! I miss you so much too! The artist is Aaron Roche. He is one of my favorites and I highly recommend him! I pray you are well, friend! Blessings!