Its been awhile since my last post and so much has happened I will be breaking them up into a few individual posts. First up- my church, Watermark!
So much has been happening in our church this season of our lives.

My husband, Tommy and I sit out on our porch almost every night talking of the blessings that God has poured out into our lives. When God first placed Tommy as the pastor of our church, we were a deer caught in the headlights. I've said before- We had no clue of what to do and therefore we told God exactly that. We stepped aside and told him to take the wheel. It has been such a journey of faith and humility. Whenever we start to feel out of control, God reminds us - we ARE out of control. It HAS to be Him at the helm of the ship with us simply being used as his tools. I must decrease so that he may increase. We have seen him evolve our church from almost nothing into this beautiful picture of redemption.

We have been praying over the years that God would bring exactly who needs to be at Watermark into our body. We have seen wolves come and go and families come and stay. We have lost dear friends due to our location and have been forced to trust the Lord with his removing whomever he see's fit. Even if it isn't who we necessarily want him to remove.

Our little church has been meeting in The Springs Theater- which was built in the 1920's to be a movie theater, turned into porn theater in the 70's and is now one of the largest open-room recording studio's in America. Our church has been blessed to rent it out on Sunday's since 2006. We never could have foreseen the doors God was going to be opening for us. We have grown to capacity and our children's building is busting at the seams! We have been feeling growing pains for awhile now. So I say all that because we are so excited that God has decided to move us to a home of our own right up the road.

We are moving to a church building close to where we are, in a beautiful up and coming part of Seminole Heights. It is strangely directly across the street from our first house which we sadly ended up short-saling a couple of years ago. When we lived there, we used to pray that one day God would give Watermark that building. We even approached their pastor and made offers to him which were turned down every time. I remember looking out from our house at the time into the church's parking lot and seeing our people standing there praying for it.

That was 3 years ago. Back in September of this year, Tommy saw a realtor replacing a lock on the gate of the church. He found out it was on the market and moved on it quickly. Not only did we ask almost 300k less than what they were asking, but there were multiple offers on this building from investors. They received our offer (which was the lowest) accompanied with a letter from Tommy's heart explaining our mission and desire to carry on the name of Jesus to this community. They accepted the offer!

We soon found out we had to come up with a down payment of 110k. Once again we removed our hand from the ships wheel and let God take it. Everything in our human minds convinced us we would never come up with that kind of money- may I add we only had 2 months to raise it? Tommy had never raised a dime in his life. He started writing letters to everyone he knew and urged our people to do the same. People in our church made and sold t shirts, full-leaf tea, and other hand made goods to raise the money. My husband put on a fundraiser show to donate all the profits of his newest album.

We just learned that we raised the money, got all of the approvals needed and will finally have a place of our own to worship in at any time, come this next week! What a miracle. To think that back in 2006 Tommy saw that church across the street from our house and said, "one day, that church will be ours".

I will be posting before and afters as we tackle this renovation. Right now it is straight out of the 60's- some parts of it being absolutely awesome and some not so much. It has absolutely gorgeous bones.

There are 2 side sanctuaries as well. We love the older all wood pews.

We are super excited to have a cry room! hilarious!...no but seriously.

One big adjustment for our family will be Tommy having an office outside of our home. I'm going to miss peeking in on him during the day so much! I know I have been spoiled to have him work from home, but there was not a day I took it for granted.

Please pray for us as we continue to walk by faith.


Dawn Dudley said...

SARAH!! this is amazing!! last i talked to you, you were telling me about the money that needed to be raised. Obviously God's hand is involved when those kind of funds just show up! What a wonderful adventure He has brought you on! and AMEN to the beginning of your post. God is bringing us through the same thing. very hard to do, but i know that it will be so worth it when looking back. So excited for you guys and cant wait to visit when we come back into town!!

Kristen Maddux said...

WOW!! That is awesome! That church building is straight from the Baptist churches of my youth. :) I have no doubt with all the massive creativity in your church body, you guys will have it looking AMAZINGLY cool-vintage in no time.