The 9 plagues...and counting

One of the main questions I have gotten while I have been pregnant is "what side effects have you had- cravings, morning sickness, etc..?" So for all the inquiring minds that want to know I have broken it down. Not only for all the millions of readers that I have but also for my own kicks. 

I am entering into my 9th month now and I have had a lot of plagues in my pregnancy. They seem to come and go, as if on call, at the beginning and the end of each month. Im not gonna lie- I just read over it and I am such a Debbie Downer! haha! But I cant complain, because overall it has been an amazing pregnancy. I really have loved being pregnant!

My first trimester
I had very few setbacks except for a flip flop of the tummy every now and then, which is actually the feeling that made me raise a brow to discover I was pregnant in the first place. And the only other thing was a heightened sense of smell (my sis cursed me with that one)- which would seriously gross me out at times. Really- who needs to cook a 5 course meal with brats & sauerkraut at work with the means of only a toaster oven and microwave all within an 8x10 break room??(makes me wanna hurl just thinkin about it!) Oh and having to pee every 30 minutes can get really annoying too! You have to drink like a gallon of water a day!

Around my 5th month is when I started showing to the point where people, who didnt know I was pregnant, would actually feel comfortable enough to ask if I was expecting and tell me I had "the glow". Yay! This is the point when I first started to really lose sleep though, while getting adjusted to my new  left side-position (docs orders!) and due to paranoia of rolling onto my back and cutting off the babies air-supply! I do tend to develop OCD towards certain things sometimes.
My 6th month is when it all really began for me. I just kind of POPPED! Can we just say the holidays were good to me? I got large and in charge very quickly... which kind of came with some extras. yay. The lovely self esteem-boosting comments such as "are you sure your not due any day now?" (at 6months? really??) and "Are you having twins?" and "Wow! You are WAAAAY bigger than I was at 6 months!" Then to continue my ego boost, the ugliest, reddest, stretch marks from hell exploded over my entire tummy- literally almost overnight. The list goes on with the backaches like I have never experienced in my life, the numb limbs and charlie horses, etc...It was a fun month let me tell ya. luckily I had the holidays to cheer me up right? Lots of mocktails- they just dont seem to have the same effect for some reason...

As I came into my 7th month, the prego rash creeps into my life...PUPPS. The most infuriating, hellish nightmare of an itch that I could ever imagine! It started on my tummy, crept to where the sun dont shine and then made an appearance on my ankles and arms as well. Thankfully that is the only infliction God allowed me to endure for that month. This is also when I really started to feel the baby all the time and see the little guy's limbs poking out of my tummy! Weird and alienish I know, but SO cool!
Thankfully, about a month later after buying every aveeno, curel & hydrocortizone product on the shelf, the itch subsided substantially and I started to sleep through the night again. BUT- Debbie Downer here- I got very sick and was in bed for a week and am still fighting it. I cant take anything because when your preggo, you apparently are off limits to every pharmaceutical savior that exists- and that includes most natural and herbal remedies.

Now I am coming up on my 9th month! So far the only plague I have is that, once again, I cant sleep. This time it is not due to discomfort, but rather that I cant turn off the brain! I am wired every night and usually will drift off around 130 or so and then wake up again at 4ish. So, thus the reason for my spontaneous blogging after a month and a half of nadda! I am only plagued with the most wonderful thoughts of our new little addition to our family. I certainly cant complain about that. I truly believe that the lack of sleep is God prompting me in the night to pray for little Preson as well as to prepare me for the long nights that lay before me as a new mommy. For this reason, I will gladly accept the lack of sleep, as well as any other plagues that may be left to come.


Dallas said...

I don't know if this was meant for boys to read but nice update. I'm excited for you guys and will be praying for you and little Preson.

emily said...

thanks for the update! I love to know how you are doing and in what ways i can pray for you 3! Praise God that He is preparing you for living with very little sleep :)

counterbbalance said...

its only the beginning sarah. it will be the best part of life hands down.