then out of your sovereignty you called me out

It has been quite some time since I last reminisced the place that God has brought me from- my redemption song if you will. Sometimes it feels as though it was a lifetime ago. In a sense it was another life.
Thank you, God for picking up this once limp, filthy ragdoll; for brushing me off and setting me back on my feet. Thank you for loving me despite myself. "Go and sin no more"- this rings in my ears when I am reminded of your grace. Even though I once rejected you and everything I once thought to be affiliated with you, I can't understand how when one hits their rock bottom time and time and time again, they don't-or rather wont- turn to you. Thank you for casting my sin so far east that it touches the west...wow. Come to think of it, this is just about the same time of year you drew me into yourself 13 years ago. I am so rich now....
My cup overflows with blessing and gratitude toward the life God has given me. I praise you, God, for my wonderful, loves-me-just-as-I-am spouse. He is my soul mate and as a result of his life, my life is complete as well as is more humble. Humble in the fact that I am always reminded of how undeserving I am of an unconditional love that I never knew could exist. I praise you for my baby boy who soaks up every teeny bit of love he can get from me, and then just melts my heart by naively and openly giving it right back. These loves, I crave. I somehow feel as though they were given to me to remind me of you and how you love me. Thank you for new life in you. I praise thee for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.


more creativity in her pinky finger...

I have a love for beautiful textile design and I am so easily inspired by creative people. I am not by any means a pro-sewer, but when I come across such brilliant designers, it takes everything in me not to go get my sewing machine on the spot to make my own version of their creations. One of my favorites is no secret- Amy Butler. I unashamedly own my border-line obsession to this talented designer! Her patterns are filled with color, unique punchy designs and are just bursting with creativity. She has a perfect balance of vintage and modern to which scheme I am obsessed! Her website is chock full of free patterns and beautiful creations that she has developed from her fabric collections. www.amybutlerdesign.com Go staightway and enjoi!!


Frances England:: listenable children's music to my ears

I recently discovered a true musical gem- Frances England. Her music captures the nostalgia of a playful childhood while actually being listenable to the adult ear. 
She has such a whimsical approach to childrens folk music, it makes me smile and long to go sway in a hammock with my baby boy on a breezy summer day. 


lullaby and goodnight, thy mothers delight

One of the things I most treasure while Preson is still a baby, is my time with him in the middle of the night. I just love the peaceful, blue still of his nursery- the gentle breeze of the fan on these hot summer nights while the moonbeams flood in through the window. It is so tranquil. Though he is half asleep, his tiny hands are constantly caressing me and I cant help but feel that he finds just as much fulfillment being so close to his mama. It is in these quiet moments that I pray over him- for the baby and child that he is and for the future boy and man he will become. It is in these moments I bond most with my son.