Dont Waste a Day

This week, Tommy is taking a break from teaching to get caught up on some tedious church projects, work toward his ordination and to just spend some much needed quality time as a family. We spent the first 2 days of the week taking turns sleeping in while the other cared and tended to the baby. We have made it a point to just relax and do whatever tickles our fancy at that moment! We took an afternoon to go see the movie, "Where the Wild Things Are"- this was actually Preson's very first movie theater experience. It was interesting to say the least! :) Why did I ever think he would possibly sleep through the movie? And Tuesday we went on a beautiful drive to a highly recommended destination, called Barn&Stable (snaps for Cyndi for sharing this treasure with us!). I felt like I had taken a trip to Amish country. They had a christmas shop stocked full of twinkling christmas trees and scented candles. It was precious watching Preson take in all that beauty - and for the first time it sunk in, that this is Preson's 1st Christmas! I hope it will be so special for him!
After exploring the Christmas shop we had a picnic lunch on a veranda overlooking a pond full of lily pads! It was so cute- they bring you out a little picnic basket with your order!
There was a beautiful antique store with the most extravagant furniture and stained glass. We decided we would come back when our next house is renovated and replace the upstairs dormer windows overlooking the street with a stained glass one as the finishing touch! Before we even get started it is something to set our sites on as we venture into this new chapter of life. All in all, it was a great time of rest and fulfilling time with my family.

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