time in flight.

Time has officially sprouted wings and is in flight like never before! Preson is going on 4 1/2 months now. He has been in a growth spurt this week where his daily pattern has been wake, eat, sleep like he did when he was a newborn and repeat.

I try to catch each new little addition to his development and appreciate it to its fullest. From watching him learn to awkwardly grasp his tiny fingers around a toy to finding him on the opposite end of his crib from where I placed him. This week he is wanting to explore everything that passes him by shoving it in his mouth- the main thing being his own feet! He is smiling, cooing and has the funniest and most delightful little "half- laugh". Funny how when I hear his voice through his coos and smiles, I feel as though I am getting a peephole-view of his personality. It is amazing to watch him bloom- each day a little more.


Stentorian Cyndi said...

Isn't it amazing...how all the sudden it's like you live in fast forward.

counterbbalance said...

glad you enjoy being a mom so much--preson is awesome!!!