One of the sweetest parts of my morning is when I am still fast asleep and my alarm clock- otherwise known as my sweet baby Preson- goes off. My husband goes and gets him from his crib and brings him into bed with us. I nurse him and then he is off into his own tiny world of imagination- exploring through the sea of covers and mountains of pillows! Not to mention the grand canyon between my husband and I. But his all time favorite thing to do is to peep through the little cutout square in our headboard that looks into our backyard through a window. It is so sweet! He climbs all over us and our pillows, grunting and as determined as ever, while grabbing handfuls of his daddy's hair to gain leverage to hoist himself up to the little window that was specifically design for him. Once he gets there, he grabs the string of the blinds and shoves the little hanging wooden bobble into his mouth. He is at that time totally content for an all time total of 3 minutes! (Thats a long time in baby-time!) Needless to say that despite my attempts to finish off those last few z's, I cant close my eyes as I embrace every moment of this first year of discoveries.

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goldmorning said...

So sweet.
I'm coming to tampa tuesday and I'll be there for two weeks, I hope to see you and the baby!