These days, I have fallen behind in my normal obsession with house cleaning and social encounters. I wake up each morning and my life begins all over again as I cant take my eyes, my mind or my focus off this precious little life that has now taken precedence over my own. And so, The dishes continue to be put off, the laundry piles up, my hair has transitioned to a permanent ponytail and I take my shower at 1 in the morning now, as opposed to my 10pm beauty ritual. The best part is that I don't really care about all those things at this point. I have a new-found kind of happiness that I never anticipated and I am basking in every moment of it.


Stentorian Cyndi said...

Welcome! Isn't it great!
As I type this Gavin is in my la0p0.0 C0auseing0 0havic and I dont care. :)
Gavin watched the video with 0 me 0and0 was laughing at little Preson. It was really sweet!

Apparently he likes the 0 key.

Love you!

counterbbalance said...

The pic of Pre on Tommy's back is priceless. He sure is swell.